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"They hang there, the stars, like notes on a page of music, free-form verse, silent mysteries swirling in the blue like jazz."
- Donald Miller ● Blue Like Jazz

about me

After much thought I have decided it was time to make an informative post about myself.  Whether it is worth much will be decided by people other than me.  For an auto-biography, if you will, has no merit if no one reads it, and loses value because no one spent time immersing themselves in their wisdom, lack there of, and their world.

19. female. usa. english student. 

you have the world before you.  what captures your soul? / k-pop. j-rock. being creative. writing. intellectual thinking. old libraries filled with old books. people. sorrowfully written words etched within a man’s soul. the love of two people. a whisper. god. rain falling from the heavens to be captured upon my window. south korea and its culture. staring at someone from afar and wondering if they realize i am a witness onto their life. woods, forests, hills, cliffs, streams, fields. the universe. the knowledge of men and women around me. sitting before a piece of paper and envisioning the world through my mind to be etched with my pen. a smile. a laugh. tears. cries of broken people. cries of whole people who want to understand what it is to be broken.  the world.

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